How to upload bank statement in zerodha

To open a trading account in zerodha, bank statement has to be uploaded. You can upload your bank statement in PDF format.

To upload bank statement in zerodha, you have to first get the statement from your bank. The method of obtaining bank statement may differ from bank to bank.

If your account is in UCO Bank then you can easily get the bank statement. The method of withdrawing bank statement from UCO Bank is given below.

Step 1 – Download mPassbook App from Google Play Store and open it.

Step 2 – Enter your account number and mobile number linked to that account after which your name will appear

Step 3 -Click on Send OTP and verify your mobile number

Step 4 – Enter your 4 digit PIN then click on Submit

By doing this, your account will be created in mPassbook App. After this, follow the following steps to withdraw bank statement from mPassbook App.

Step 1 – Log in to UCO mPassbook App then click on A/C Statement

Step 2 – After this click on Last One Month and select Last Six Months

Step 3 -Enter your Email ID in Send to Email ID

Step 4 – Click on Proceed after which the PDF file of the bank statement will be sent to the email ID.

Open your email ID and download the bank statement.

How to upload bank statement in zerodha

While creating an account in Zerodha, there is an option of income proof. In this, select Bank statement and then click on Upload.

After this upload your bank statement. So in this way you can upload bank statement in zerodha.

I have explained the complete process of opening an account in zerodha with screenshots in my previous post, so you can read that post. The link of the post is given below.

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